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  • Brand Strategy
    • Build a brand from scratch
    • Revive an existing brand
    • Validate and refine positioning
    • Develop a brand architecture
    • Extend a brand with new products or
      into new markets, with new customers
    • Create measurable brand value
  • Market Research
    • Profile, segment and prioritize audiences
    • Measure effectiveness of marketing efforts
    • Gain insight into customer bonds
      and barriers
    • Size a market and define a product or customer opportunity
    • Uncover and magnify marketplace
      issues and trends
  • Marketing Services
    • Communicate a unique position and
      point of view
    • Share brand value propositions
    • Engage with your most profitable customers
    • Bring a product or service to market
    • Accelerate sales of a product/brand
    • Refresh an in-market presence
    • Generate sales tools & materials that ensure you win
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Sol propels brands to success

  • HomeAway

    Sol began working with HomeAway while the company was being conceived in the minds of Austin Ventures’ Entrepreneurs in Residence. Sol’s work has included acquisition due diligence research, positioning research, brand strategy and messaging development and facilitating consumer feedback sessions. Sol’s research and brand development services have assisted HomeAway in their strategic objective to establish and create credibility for the vacation home rental category.

    As a current market leader in the real estate media industry, HomeAway is credited with consolidating a highly fragmented industry and raising the profile of vacation home rental as an option for discretionary travelers around the world.

  • logos-zach

    Sol worked with the one of the most-respected professional theaters in Austin. Zach turned to Sol to define and clarify their brand positions and identify opportunities for growing their audience base. Sol conducted quantitive and qualitative research studies to define the brands and communicate the theaters’ unique position

    Zach clarified its brand, from strategic positioning to in-market activities, and in September 2012 celebrated the grand opening of its new theater.

    • Topfer Theater | Photo by: Paul Bardigjy

    The strategic insight and support Sol gave us helped us power our capital campaign and gave us the fuel we needed to emerge as a whole new brand in our state-of-the-art theater. It increased confidence in our leadership position as a cultural brand in the eyes of our audience, our artists and our investor partners.”

  • NBCUniversal-Logo-221x124

    NBC Universal engaged Sol to invigorate its advertising sales process by getting a tighter focus on the drivers of value for some of their key digital media brands. Through Sol’s proven sales process intervention engagement, iVillage, Patient Channel, Newborn Channel, and gained deeper insight into their consumer brand audiences and how they can create loyalty among advertisers across many categories.

    Throughout the past three years, NBCUniversal has called upon Sol many times to empower them with customer insight, market data and sales tools to differentiate them from competitors.

    • Newborn Channel Sales Presentation

    • Patient Channel Sales Presentation

    • iVillage Presentation

    When iVillage needed to redefine and reinvigorate its sales process, we turned to Sol for a fresh– but vigorous– approach and a laser focus on getting things done. Our new sales process, combined with tools that drive the conversations that drive the deals, has helped iVillage excel and position itself as the go-to place for brands to connect with woman online.”

  • logos-primedia copy

    Soon after the acquisition of leading apartment rental site, digital media company PRIMEDIA came to Sol with the burning question: How should we rebrand ourselves to be even  more relevant to consumers and our industry? Sol conducted comprehensive quantitative and qualitative market research and facilitated strategic brand development exercises with their cross-functional team of business leaders to answer that question.

    Upon completion of the brand strategy project, PRIMEDIA emerged with clarity about brand architecture, brand positioning and messaging and is currently working with Sol to devise a go-to-market plan for a revived brand.

    Sol Marketing was a valuable partner in our corporate branding project. Deb, Kelly and Max were absolutely great to work with as they facilitated brand exercises with our team and contributed useful insight towards our new brand platform. I plan to work with Sol Marketing in the future and would highly recommend them!”

  • logo-scottwhite

    Scott & White Healthcare enlisted Sol to launch its new Round Rock hospital– its first in the Austin market. Sol created and placed an advertising campaign in market, arranged for grand opening activities and developed a fundraising race and fair.

    The hospital opened to greater-than-expected utilization, and crowds at the launch events were above projections. Building on the initial success of the hospital, Scott and White continues to expand services and facilities in Central Texas. www.s&

    • Internal Campaign Graphics for Nurse's Week

    Sol created a launch campaign with great impact for our Round Rock hospital. Their team’s ability to handle everything from creative strategy through implementation of the advertising campaign, direct mail, and events marketing played a large role in our successful launch.”

  • logo-duxter

    Duxter, a new online social network that finally gives Gamers an online place to call home, has been working with Sol to define its brand positioning, messaging, corporate brand story, product positioning and go-to-market strategy. In the process, Sol conducted significant quantitative and qualitative research into Gamers’ behaviors and passions and conducted strategic brand development exercises with its leadership and investor team.  These activities culminated in the development of their investor deck, sponsorship sales materials and a set of brand guidelines.

    Duxter is still in soft-launch mode but is quickly adding thousands of new Gamers and pros to its community each week. Additionally, Duxter founder and CEO Adam Lieb has been nominated for the Empact 100 award for entrepreneurship and has been recognized by business and technology press as an up-and-coming entrepreneur to watch.

    • Duxter Brand Strategy

    • Duxter Investor Deck

    Sol is one of my favorite firms to work with. Their energy, enthusiasm, and get sh*t done attitude is second to none. Every project we’ve ever worked on together has been successful, efficient, and fun.”

  • logo-allrecipes

    Sol has supported Allrecipes since 2006 — from identifying its ideal customers to enhancing the sale of advertising to powerful consumer brands to delivering a differentiated brand experience on- and offline. Sol’s brand development services have supported Allrecipes’ growth into the Internet’s largest and most frequently visited destination for food-related content.

    Sol's brand development services have supported Allrecipes' growth into Internet's largest and most frequently visited destination for food-related content and the undeniable leader in the food space.


    • Brand Definition and Strategy

    • Advertising Sales General Presentation {GP}

    • Los Angeles Transit Campaign

    • Fresh Picked Meals Farmer's Market Campaign

    When we need insightful research, we always think of Sol Marketing first. Their insight, discipline and clarity were instrumental in driving us to become the top food site in the world.”


The Sol team

powers your brand success.

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Deb Gabor



Legendary travel karma 


  • Mushed a dogsled through Wyoming
  • Cried in a business meeting
  • Partied hard with the B-52′s
  • Was fired from her first job for sending hamburgers through the drive-thru
    with no meat

Sara Breuer



Her portmantotal love for portmanteaus.


  • Worked as a florist, a newspaper reporter and a radio DJ
  • Tied up and gagged a television executive
  • Was thrown out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for touching the art
  • Has hired a pirate, the Statue of Liberty, Santa and swinging ‘60s stewardesses

Rose Daniels

Creative Director


MacGuyver of infographics.


  • Had a poem published in the New Yorker
  • Captured and froze live ants for an advertising photo shoot
  • Spent a summer working at a 99 cent
    store in Berlin
  • Runs a vintage clothing shop in
    her spare time

Brendan Fisher

Marketing Coordinator


Has a life mission to help locate a missing adult or child.


  • Almost wrangled a coyote into her car because she thought it was a dog
  • Had blonde hair until she was 6 years old
  • Overdosed on iron pills when she was 2 years old
  • Got proposed to on a hot air balloon and said no

Andy Pyle

Research Director


Wearing short sleeved dress shirts.


  • Spent all night studying for a college final, then fell asleep during the exam
  • Once beat a NBA basketball player at Pop-A-Shot, Inc.
  • Learned why Pluckers calls their wings
    the “Fire in the Hole” wings
  • Has twice tried to grow a mustache
    and failed both times

Max Kerwick



Being the greatest intern known to man


  • Appeared in a movie with Angelina Jolie
  • Played the cello in the All-State Orchestra in middle school
  • Went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters for his first concert at age 8
  • Swam against both Michael Phelps and
    Ryan Lochte

Will Todd

The Intern


His collection of deep V-neck shirts.


  • Speaks German from his time spent in Dresden
  • Has never gotten a ticket or been in a wreck
  • Recorded and released two instrumental concept albums
  • Carries around the same $2 bill in his wallet since 2000

Sarah Mayer

Marketing Programs Manager


Conversationalist Extraordinaire


  • Back flipped out of a plane at an altitude of 15,500 ft.
  • Has broken seven bones, all on her right side
  • Traveled the great pyramids
  • Sang a duet with Gary Clark Jr.

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